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In this part I have tried to answer for most frequently questions to me. However, if who will have additional questions, e-mail me.

What is your name?

-Alexander or √ Sasha ( Preferred ).


How old are you?

-I was born in July 15, 1979. Present - 24 years old.


You are from?

-I was born in Almaty city ( South Capital of Kazakhstan ).


What is your basic parameters?

-Current ( present ): stature 172 cm, weight 62kg..


What do you do?

-Present: I have privtae small business, what kind of business - later about it.

-Up to recent time, I worked in one of Korean company, supervisor by quality.


What about your nicknames? How much ...? Means ...?

Briefly: -I have a three nicknames: (Asterix Druid, Sasha small, mind).

Asterix Druid √ one of the favourite magic heroes.

Sasha small √ work's nickname ( called at work ). My chief called me by this name at work. This is a very long story┘, by the way┘ name - not choosed by me.

mind √ w/o means, nickname in ICQ..

Lisenok_ √ small fox, as sly as a fox... :)


What is your sexual orientation?

-I am gay ( 100% )


Contact information.

-I live in Almaty city ( by the way, i already told about ).

-E-mail: asterix_druid86@hotmail.com

-ICQ My status in ICQ : # 39084620

-Home phone: 911 [to call at day and night]. - ( jokingly )


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