What is mine interests??! Anything! My wish "get to know the world" - is infinitely!

Basic, nevertheless:


PC, Internet and WEB Design.

The Internet and Personal Computers became integral part of our life. It seems impossible missing of this things. Every day to give us new things, much interesting. The Internet and Personal Computer - good instruments for knowledge of beautiful stranger - the world.

I like to be a designer, basically - WEB Design. You can see, what made, it appears. I will be learn WEB Design with Flash, after completing of this project.

What is the WEB Design for me - hobby or wish of make money in future by this way? Basically - hobby, in future - I''ll be looking.



Starting of the concern oneself on electronics, since 15 years old. At that time, my hobby to given a lot of good for me and a lot of trouble for my study at school and one's peoples ( jokingly ). At present, from day to day, my life unrelated with this hobby, by the way, I can to repair and to know about any electronic devices. Possible from this it follows that - I like various electronic twidgets.



The music is omnipresent. Every day of our life is impossible without the music. The music is swimmingly for comprehension, is absent any barriers. The music good instrument of relaxing. And good, if you can to move by music, I like to dance. I am free by predilection in music, from mood dependent ( from classic music to ... !!! ).


Social intercourse ( Public Relations ).

I like to make the acquaintance and communicate with interesting, good-looking peoples ( in every respect - good-looking! ).



To be in water - to be in one's element, to feel right at home. I like to swim. All things, those concerned with water, it's mine. Incidentally, I like a sauna and bath too.



This is a one more of passions and hobbys.

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